Vision and Ongoing Opportunities​


Jupiter Hydro’s vision is to deploy this technology worldwide in both river and tidal applications. The immediate opportunity is to prove our technology in the Bay of Fundy which will give Jupiter worldwide recognition, especially in light of four major competitors going out of business. The industry could be seen as being on life support at the present time; therefore, it is a large window of opportunity for Jupiter to prove that, indeed, there is a technology which is simple, cost effective, maintenance friendly and durable. The opportunity to go into France and the UK is now wide open and we have patents in China, Japan, Korea, Philippians, South Africa, United States, Mexico and New Zealand. The governments of all these nations are looking seriously at developing tidal and river resources and they will move forward when it is economically viable which is what we are now proving.

River deployments in Asia, Africa and South America are a very viable add-on to the renewable energy mix. For example, the UN and other agencies are currently developing mini-grids in the Third World in which solar and wind are coupled with battery storage. To add river power into this mix will add to predictability and reduce the size of the required battery storage. The Jupiter technology is, by far, the most effective for rivers simply because it can handle river debris better than any other technology.

We, at Jupiter, believe we will be the dominant player in both tidal and river technologies worldwide. From a humanistic point, the Third World deployments are most important as power is the most vital ingredient to bring awareness, education and economic development to developing nations. This is our passion.