President and CEO

242 Dufferin Street

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

B0J 2C0

Business:  902-634-3557

Cell:  902-529 0505

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I have acquired extensive industrial experience in starting companies from scratch, to full management control to reach profitability rapidly.  I had the opportunity to build and start six manufacturing plants in two different countries in North America, USA and CANADA. I have always created a strong management team to work with me and develop each company, driven by objectives.  My responsibilities include top management experience, strategies, marketing, sales, finance, manufacturing, purchasing, human resource, research and development and maintenance.  During the past thirty-six years I have reached a strong background in all known composite technologies, raw material and fabricated components, machine designs and new ideas to generate productivity.  I have acquired an important leadership role in managing the personnel.  During my career, I have recruited personally over 2000+ collaborators.  None of the companies I have started ever had a union. Due to my lifestyle, and being an immigrant to North America, I was obliged to learn and train myself at all times and keep up with computer evolution, from main frame to PC computers, LAN networks ,MRP II and ERP today, as well the CAD CAM Systems evaluating to 3 D Printing and digitalization. I upgraded myself in composites engineering courses in many disciplines needed to perform my work when needed. I am still doing training with CATIA and computer design and other software for composites development. I continue to file patent for new ideas.  I consider myself as a ongoing self-taught person, since I let mechanical and technical engineering school, to keep up with all new technologies which were not existing at the beginning of my carrier, I am an owner of sixteen patents and belong to many professional associations, where I have been asked to mentor people by sharing some of my experience and knowledge.  After retirement in July 2011, I have incorporated a new company to start doing consulting in January 2012 to help companies develop new products in the commercial field and also gain lot of productivity, creating new ideas with the products.

In July 2015 in partnership with a French company Team plastic France, we have created Team Plastic (Canada) Ltd to develop and introduce in the North American market a new core material for structural products which does not burn.

This material will be introduced in mid 2017 to Aerospace, marine industries, Defense, Transport and commercial.

The product is light and we can control the density perfectly requested by the customers to provide maximum fire retarded protection for structural products. 

President (Owner)

Versa Tech Consulting Limited (VCTL)

2011 Nov – Present 2022

After two months of retirement, I have decided to incorporate my company to respond to my network where small and medium size businesses needed to upgrade their products in the commercial field, development of new products in composites to improve their productivity and the perenite of the company to sale in new markets. Canada offer lot of programs to   help the PME s with government programs to develop new ideas and new products to boost the economy. With my past experience, today VTCL has more than twenty five customers now with 80 % in North America and 20 % in the rest of the world. VTCL has extensive relations with government organizations for new development in many countries. I am also participating actively to the development of a composite cluster in New Brunswick involving more than twenty companies, helping them to transfer of technologies and the creation of news composites products. During this period this time, i have created and adapted lot  of new products by helping business owner to transform their company .

President and CEO


2004 – to July 2011

I was promoted to President and CEO of the company at the beginning of the year 2004.  My main objectives were to bring Composites Atlantic Limited to $50M CDN by year 2008, and implement a new synergy with the EADS SOGERMA Group, to gain access to the AIRBUS group in Europe and diversify with new opportunities in space and defense in North America.  Today, the company employs 350 employees and has an incredible team to support the organization. 



2001 – 2003

In 2001 after the take over of SOGERMA from EADS Space and Defence Division, I was promoted to President of the company.  I assumed the role of Director and Secretary of the Board of Directors.  The main objective was to define new synergies between SOGERMA and Composites Atlantic Limited to elevate the company to the range of a mid-size business.  We are in the process of upgrading the company with a new ERP system to be able to dialogue with all the SOGERMA subsidiaries to be ready to expand the plant.  A new QA certification for AQS 9100 was achieved by year end 2003.

GENERAL MANAGER / Executive Vice-President/Chief Operating Officer


1987 – 2001

Recruited with the objective of starting an aerospace organization in Canada, my mission has been to manage the total operation, reporting directly to the Board of Directors, selecting architecture, design and plant lay-out, construction management, recruiting staff for the entire organization, transferring technology from Europe in advanced composites for aircraft, space, defence and commercial application with marketing objectives to access the U.S. market and become a supplier to the major primes.

To date, the company is certified AS9100-2000, ISO 9001, D1 9000, FAA, DOT. The company is flight approval for space work.  During these past four years, a lot of time has been spent to supervise and develop market and sales, looked at the financial side of the operation by getting grants in aid from the DIPP programs to help the company grew and developed high tech manpower resources in Nova Scotia.  In the past 5 years the company developed over 10 new products on the market today.  The company transformed from a basic supplier to a composites aerostructures producer.

I implemented a complete manufacturing resource planning MRPII integrated on line, real time with bar code.  I was involved in all RFQ/PO activities (Request for Quotation/Proposal).  From only one customer when the operation started, today we have over 800 active contacts and over 80 customers and 50 live contracts with 16 major ones involving over six years duration.

Director, Manufacturing Division

ROSSIGNOL SKIS, St. Etienne de Crossey, FRANCE


After spending nine years in the USA for the Rossignol Group, my mission was to restructure this division of 450 people to increase the productivity and to implement the advanced technology developed in the U.S.A.  Major financial objectives were made to decrease all costs of the products and the structure of the reorganization, and to be more competitive in the composites field. I implemented the pre decor technology in USA and St Etienne pretected with a scotch film .Technology used by all the manufacturing companies today.

Director, Manufacturing



At 26 years old, I was selected to be the manager in charge of starting the first manufacturing plant in Burlington, Vermont; to transfer the technology, build the plant, select management personnel, train the manufacturing personnel, select suppliers and develop new products in advanced composite materials.

Important production savings were made in the USA.  Nine years later, two hundred percent (200%) were achieved between manpower savings, new ideas and new composite products.

During these nine years, five plants were built in North America, including one in Granby, Quebec.  I was in charge of these manufacturing companies.  A total of 550 employees were under my management, with a total budget of $15 million dollars in 1982.

Manager, Manufacturing



With a engineering  technical training and mechanical background over seven years, I moved from different sections in the company to be well trained for a management position.  Heavy training in composites took place at the Rossignol plant, including Night School training and a lot of self-taught work.  I was selected among forty (40) candidates to be the person to move to Vermont, USA to start the first manufacturing plant in North America.


1963 – 1967 – 1983+

Technical School, Voiron, France

N.A.T Training programs, Mechanic, Technologies, and processing methods.

F.P.A. School –  Dessinateur grandes études – Provin.

I Received Rossignol management training courses, Basic computer courses.

M.E.T. – I did Mechanical Engineering training two years study, I started Mechanical Engineering Study by correspondences, but was moved to Vermont by Rossignol, for 9 ½  years in Vermont.

I am training myself at all times, especially with all the software in my profession, and particularly mechanical and composites technology, research and develop new methods and concepts to upgrade the composites technology.  How to file a patent and develop products.


Member of SAMPE (Society for Advanced Materials and Process Engineering)

Member of SPE (Society of Plastics Engineering)

AMEC (Advanced Materials Engineering Centre) Past Chairman

Plastic Industry of Canada

AIAC Director since 1999 and Honorary Secretary AIAC until 2011

ADIANS Past President and Director for 15 years of the Aerospace association.

AAADA (Atlantic Aerospace And Defence Association) for 15 years

President and founder of the French Chamber of Commerce, Atlantic Provinces since 2006

Former chairman and Director of Meta Material since 2014 to today a Billion dollars company.MMETA NASDAQ

Board of advisor ACOA-APECA AIF PROGRAM from 2012 to 2015

Board of Director NRC (National research council of Canada) from 2013 to 2015

Board of Director Corruven Inc from  2013 to 2015.


Owner of 16 patents

Chevalier De L’Ordre du Mérite (France) – Awarded in 1998

Atlantic Canada Top 50 CEO’S 1999 (NS-PE-NF-NB)

Export Achievement Award 1999

Conseiller Du Commerce Extérieur de la France (CCE)

Chevalier de la Legion d’honueur (France) awarded in 2007

James C Floyd aeronautic award from AIAC Canada en 2011


Secretary and Director, Composites Atlantic Limited – from 1995 to July 2011

Director, E.A.D.S. Canada Limited – from 1995 to 2003.

Past-President, AIANS (Aerospace Industries Association of Nova Scotia) year and half

Founding Member and Director, AIANS – Since 1995

Director, A.I.A.C. Board, Category II –since 1999 to July 2011

Director, of Nova Scotia Business Inc -from 2001 to 2005

President, and founder of the French Chamber of Commerce Atlantic Region (based in Moncton/Dieppe, NB) since 2007 to October  2015 .

Advisory Board the AIF program ACOA-APECA Since January 2012 to 2015

Board of Director NRC (National research council Canada) from  2013 to 2016

Board of Director Corruven Inc from  2013 to 2014

Board of Director Metamaterial since 2014 .

See article Maurice


1963-67-83+Technical School/mechanical/design Mechanical EngineeringTraining19Technical training- Projeteur grandes études
1967-74Started to work at RossignolNew Manager19Become manager in charge of 20 personnel and continued technical training
1974Promoted to go to USAManager 1 level26Engineering training in manufacturing
1974Built first manufacturing plantDirector, Mfg26In charge of 80 manufacturing personnel
1976Built second manufacturing plantDirector, Mfg28In charge of 120 employees
1977Built third plant in QuebecDirector, Mfg29In charge of third plant, 200 employees
1978Built fourth plant, Dynastar USADirector, Mfg30In charge of fourth plant, 350 employees
1979-83In charge of all plants in NorthExecutive Manager31Promoted to Executive Manager
1983-87In charge of St. Etienne divisionDivision Manager39Executive Group Manager
1987-88In training with Cellpack Ltd.,General Manager40General Manager Switzerland before moving to Canada
1988-93In charge of Cellpack AerospaceGeneral Manager40Executive Vice-President
1993-2001In charge of Composites AtlanticExecutive V-P53Executive Vice-President/COO
2001-2003In charge of Composites AtlanticPresident55President
2004-2011In charge of Composites AtlanticPresident & CEO56President & CEO
2012-2022 PresentStarted Versa Tech Consulting LimitedPresident & CEO Owner63Consulting service for small businesses requiring commercial and market support, R and D,manufacturing, productivity improvement, merges and acquisitions.